Our mentoring services provide you with someone to talk to about your work and keep you on track with your writing goals.

Mentoring includes:

  • Chapter, story or poem critiques with suggestions on how to improve your work
  • Insight into the tools published writers have learned over the years and how you can best incorporate those tools into your writing
  • Someone to give you a good solid kick in the butt when you need it, because let’s face it sometimes we could all use one
  • A cheerleader for those times when it feels like nothing is going quite right, because we all need that sometimes, too
  • Someone to bounce ideas off of, to talk over concepts with, to learn how to break those pesky grammatical rules alongside of

Charges for mentoring are decided in one of two ways:

Per project
For writers seeking a quick read-through of a completed manuscript and general feedback on places to improve the overall content of the piece, we offer a one-time discussion with the mentor, either face-to-face or via email/Skype:

$300-500 for a standard length novel (60,000-100,000 words)

Longer or shorter pieces will be charged at a negotiated rate

(For projects where the writer needs a more extensive overall look at a manuscript with detailed editing notes, please see our Editing Services page.)

Per hour
For writers seeking a longer term relationship, including multiple discussions with a mentor, multiple short pieces to be reviewed and comments made:

$40 per hour with three hours to be prepaid prior to the first session

Contact for more information.


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