We edit everything from short web posts to full length novels. Rates are competitive, and with years combined experience, our quality can’t be beat!

We offer:

Developmental Editing: General feedback about content, structure, plot, characterization, pacing and other big picture story elements. Clients will receive typed feedback addressing these story elements and offering suggestions as they pertain to the manuscript. (Depending on the state of the manuscript, we can developmentally edit anywhere from 5-15 pages per hour.)

Line Editing: Detailed line by line suggestions for tightening the prose, rendering clear descriptions, and making your work read smoothly. This is the type of editing done in Gayle’s Litreactor column “Edit My Paragraph!” It assumes the story is in its final form in terms of plot and structure. (Depending on the state of the manuscript, we can line edit anywhere from 2-15 pages per hour.)

Proofreading: Checking for spelling, grammar, word usage and typographical errors. This should be considered “final pass” editing prior to submission or publication. (Depending on the state of the manuscript, we can proofread anywhere from 10-25 pages per hour.)

(note: above, a “page” is double-spaced, 12 point font—typically 250 words.)

Not sure if our services are right for you? We offer a free one-page edit before you make your final decision, and we are happy to offer an estimate of total charges based on your manuscript and the type of editing you are seeking.

Email LitServices@BlueSkirtProductions.com for more information.

Here’s what people are saying:

Jessica is the first editor I’ve ever worked with that I’ve been truly taken aback by. She takes my writing and turns it in to what I thought it was; she streamlines my words, makes me sound the way I sound in my head, and refines things in such a way that the reader doesn’t notice I’m rambling. In all of my years, with all of my editors, she’s my top choice.” Kimberly Hodell, Music Reviewer

“This year, I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Standifird as my editor on a new play called ‘Down In The Canyon,’ which I am currently developing as the playwright-in-residence at TheatreWorks, Silicon Valley. Without her assistance and guidance, my play would not have grown into a draft suitable for submission to literary offices around the world. I was very pleased to have someone challenge me as an editor and make my piece live up to the potential I had touted it to be. That would have not been possible without Mrs. Standifird as my editor.” -Jake Arkey, Playwright

“Gayle Towell is not only a fantastically talented and prolific writer, but she also possesses one of the keenest editorial eyes of anyone I’ve worked with. Over the past few years, she’s become my go-to first reader for any type of creative work because she gives such detailed constructive feedback, not only concerning narrative structure, but addressing things like voice, characterization and the more nuanced aspects of writing. We write in completely different styles, but she looks past all that to the heart of the story. Her feedback on my novel Fait Ave was invaluable and played a large part in me securing an agent, who subsequently sold the novel to a large independent publisher. I want to tell everyone to use her services, even if that means I have to wait in line.” Nik Korpon, author of Fait Ave (Exhibit A Books, 2015), Four Corners (Dzanc Books, 2015).

“As a professional editor and writer with nearly 20 years of experience, I understand the value of a second pair of eyes, and I want those eyes to be skilled, talented, efficient, and trustworthy. I’ve used Jessica for both substantive and copy editing, and she’s lived up to my expectations in both areas. Jessica’s editing on my writing has improved both the pieces she’s worked on for me and my writing practice in general.” Julie Elefante, Copy Editor for the State of Arizona

“Jessica Standifird is an exceptional interviewer and editor. Working in the local media, I have been interviewed many times and can easily say that Jessica has been, to date, the best at what she does. She condensed our interview into a well-written article that captured the message I was trying to convey superbly. Accurate, and insightful, Jessica focused on the crucial topics of our discussion while maintaining the warmth and personableness of the interview. I was impressed by her natural ability to hone in on the story, refine it to fit the format, while preserving the integrity of the conversation. I wish all editors were as meticulous as she is.” Zoe Tantrum (Solnantzin), Owner of Zoe Healing Arts, Lead Singer of Waking Fae, previously of London Below


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