Big Changes at Blue Skirt!

Openpic3Blue Skirt Productions has been skirting bluely for two years now and we couldn’t be more proud of all of the artists and authors we’ve had the opportunity to interact with in this time!

We recently re-evaluated our goals would like to share some major changes and new plans with you!

Focus on Publishing: We’ve discovered we don’t have the time to wear so many hats and give each the time and effort deserved, so we are no longer offering literary services such as editing and mentoring, nor will we be hosting a wide variety of literary and arts events. Our focus will be primarily on publication of new fiction and promotion associated with those works, though we still plan on spreading the word about local literary and arts events when we can.

Redefining What We Publish: After considerable evaluation of the titles we’ve published in the past, titles we plan on publishing in the near future, and what we hope to publish from here on out, we are defining ourselves as publishers of Gut Punch Fiction: emotional, philosophical, and transgressive works of literary fiction that punch the reader in the gut. Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing the forthcoming publication of some new titles that fit this niche!

Changes to the Website: Our website has been restructured to reflect all of these new changes. The front page will now primarily consist of updates on our future publications and associated events, short fiction that falls into the Gut Punch category, and the occasional write up about awesome upcoming literary and arts events in the Portland area.

Submissions: We are opening up for submissions of short fiction which falls within the Gut Punch category for publication on our website, and will soon be open for submission of novellas and novels for print and e-book publication. For information about submissions, see our submissions section.

Personnel Changes: Recently our Blue Skirt partner Jessica Standifird stepped down in order to focus her energies on writing her memoir. Blue Skirt is now headed by a single editing guru, Gayle Towell, but in association and collaboration with many fellow editors, artists, and writers who have been involved in the past and will continue to be involved in the future!

Our New Mission Statement: Blue Skirt Productions LLC seeks to publish and promote Gut Punch Fiction: emotional, philosophical, and transgressive works of literary fiction that punch the reader in the gut. We encourage diversity, hard-hitting works, and a strong sense of community.


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