Thoughts For Your Hole- The Time I Traveled To Grandma’s Without Any Private Parts by Smith Q. Johns

by Abby Moe

by Abby Moe

Unless you are going to get a BJ, or unless you are planning to get a rusty trombone, then why would you travel with your manly male parts?

First time I went SUPER commando was on my annual trip to Grandma’s. Lord knows I didn’t need my thing there (at least not anymore).

Only real men would try this by the way, so read no further if you’re a girly boy.

And this man can tell you it was probably the second best trip I’d ever taken to Grandma’s ever.

I also felt as if I had a WHOLE bunch of extra room on the plane. It changed my trip from Snake on a Plane, to just On a Plane. Can you feel me? (Actually no you can’t. Get it?)

I even liked having to pee sitting down. All that time I lost not being able to use a urinal, I gained back; by being able to get kicked hard in the groin area, and not having to scratch certain areas (or other areas near that certain area). Plus, peeing sitting down gave me a few extra moments to relax. As any real man can tell you, we work hard and we deserve some relaxation now and again.

It even stopped Grandma from wanting to hit me in the crotch and the occasional annoying yank. She’s always done that, the old bully.

After the detachable-penis-trip to Grandma’s, I kept my catheter in for a few days and enjoyed my new freedom a little longer. I can’t wait to go to Grandma’s again so I can get that thing off. I just love it.

I especially liked that there was no sexual tension. My Grandma’s friends can be a real nuisance with their flirting, winking and attempts at probing my holes.

I mainly just get so tickled now when grandma gets frustrated because there is NOTHING to yank. lol. It gets me every time.

So, be it your Grandmama or a train, don’t let ’em yank your chain. And if you wanna be a real man then travel like a girl.


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