Blue Skirt Productions to Publish Broken Parts by Gayle Towell


Blue Skirt Productions is proud to announce the publication of Broken Parts by Gayle Towell in August of 2015. For those who enjoyed Gayle’s prequel novella Blood Gravity, this is the much anticipated first full length novel in the dark, emotional series following the story of brothers Jake and Ben with grit, humor, and the spark of survival.

“Powerful and intensely moving, Broken Parts treads confidently on ground that many of us want to forget is there. This book will change you.” – Simon West-Bulford, author of The Soul Consortium

From the back cover:

“Jake Smith, a book smart loner hiding in a dead-end welding job, is thrown for a loop when his fifteen-year-old brother Ben shows up on his doorstep after outing their father for molestation. During Dad’s trial it comes to light that not only was Jake also abused, but he turned a blind eye for years as it happened to his brother. But with Dad in jail and Mom insistent that Ben is lying, Ben is forced to rely on Jake even if he can’t forgive him, and Jake is forced to step up and care for his brother despite struggling with his own trauma and brutal flashbacks.”

And this book is only the beginning! Over the course of the next few years, Blue Skirt plans to release a new work from this series every three months. Four more full novels are on their way, along with an illustrated journal, puzzle book, additional novellas, and other associated projects.

To learn more about these characters and this series, visit


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