Tour Bus

This summer Blue Skirt is taking its authors and some musicians on the road. We’ll be hitting Ogden, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego. As always, there will be surprises and each show is sure to be different!

The usual suspects, Jonathan Oak, Gayle Towell, Jessica Standifird, and Adam Loewen will be reading their works, and a few of the Skirts will be pulling double duty as musicians. The dark cabaret band Bright & Shiny will be joining us, and artist Chris Bonney and author Drew Andrews will make special appearances at select shows!

All of Blue Skirt Productions’ titles will be available for sale at the shows, along with other tour-specific items!

But to do all of this, we need to rent tour vehicles large enough to haul sound equipment, books, musical instruments, clothes, and eight to nine people. And all those miles take a lot of gas. And eight to nine people eat a lot of food. And to keep us from turning on each other we should probably get some decent sleep at a place with leak-proof ceilings and something soft to crash on. All of these things require—you’ve got it—money.

So, we’re doing some fundraising!

You can support this grand adventure in one of the following three ways:

  1. DONATE anytime and any amount via PayPal here: Blue Skirt Summer Tour
  1. PARTICIPATE in our fundraising bake-off and show THIS SUNDAY, June 7th starting at 5:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post 134 on Alberta Street in Portland.

Cookie*Entries will be judged by two professional bakers, two Blue Skirt members, and one volunteer (who we think is just in it for the sweets but has promised to take it very seriously).

*It is only $10 to enter a recipe ($5 goes to first prize, $5 goes to the tour funds). We ask that you bake at least enough for each of the five judges, but if you’d like to bake for everyone, that is acceptable, too! There is no restriction on type of entry, sweet or savory, but please make sure your entry can be eaten legally in all 50 states.

*There will also be a show with food-themed performances by Jonathan Oak, Adam Loewen, Bright & Shiny, Gayle Towell, Lisa Michelle, Sean Davis and Sally K. Lehman.

  1. If you are unable to donate, but still want to help, you can SPREAD THE WORD. A Facebook post or a Tweet will help a lot!

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