Studio Mono&ME: Heart & Whimsy

Studio Mono&ME is a collaboration between husband and wife Jonny Mono and MaryElizabeth Mono. The couple is new to the Portland, Oregon area and are quickly becoming recognizable figures in the art scene here. Their smiling faces and positive attitudes are contagious, and reflect the work they create together. MaryElizabeth and Jonny MonoThe studio focuses on MaryElizabeth’s paintings, with Jonny doing most of the “behind the scenes” work, from digital art to stretching and mounting canvas for custom pieces.

Rooster (1)

MaryElizabeth (“ME”) has been painting since she was a child, and has developed her own process and style over the years. The ink outlines and bright colors mixed with the 3-D texturizing bring vibrancy to her work that makes it stand out in just about any setting. MaryElizabeth is a firm believer in people being able to fully experience art, and seals her paintings so they not only stay vibrant and beautiful to look at, but are completely “touchable” for years to come.


She specializes in pet portraits and is known for capturing the personalities of her subjects, which have included critters with fur, feathers, scales and skin. She even did a painting for a blind pet owner that included a touchable brail dog tag. Her love for animals and her love for art combine to create a body of whimsical, intimate and honest works, and commissioned Pet Portraits make up a large part of her painting life. Her love for animals extends beyond her paintings, though. Ten percent of each Pet Portrait fee gets donated to her client’s favorite pet charity or vet clinic, and you can often find the studio’s rescue Schnorkie, Gus, curled up below her studio table while she works.

GusMaryElizabeth also does a series of “Fantasy/Lady Paintings” that show her range as an artist. Her artistic voice is apparent in these paintings, though the subject matter is vastly different than her pet portraits. She explores the feminine with an uplifting sensuality that invites the observer to look deeper. Her first love may be animal portraits, but it is clear that she can tackle other subject matters with just as much depth and passion.

Lady Painted Hair by MaryElizabeth Mono

MaryElizabeth has had shows in Phoenix, Arizona’s Roosevelt Row Arts District, and her work was in The Dive Bar Art Show here in Portland earlier this year. Her work will be featured at this Month’s Fourth Effin’ Friday art show. If you are in the Portland area, be sure to stop by and say hi.

No. 5

You can keep up on information about Mono&ME, including information on Pet Portraits, at their website ( and their Facebook page.

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