Thoughts For Your Hole by Smith Q. Johns

I’ve Never Worn the Socks of a King

By Brenda Farnam

By Brenda Farnam

Though many years I have walked the earth, and thus seen and felt tragedy, there is one good thing I can say for myself.

Though I have worked on my feet in a constant nature, through weather of all sorts, frozen or burnt, there is one thing that has never changed.

Though the socks on my feet have had holes (and my heart the same) there is that one thing I have ever lacked for.

Though I’ve never been a wealthy man and though I’ve never worn the socks of a king, I’ve never… wanted for lotion.

I’ve not always been able to buy the necessities, but lotion-wise I’ve lead a rich life.

Though my feet have been cracked and dry the majority of my life I have never begged for the lotion needed to fix them. While others drown in their sorrows and cry

People always give lotion as presents and thus people always have lotion to give.

“Hey do you have lotion?” I could ask anyone.
“Yeah, my aunt gave me this lotion and it’s pretty good but I already have 17 others so you can have it,” they always reply.

I may die poor and homeless and starving, but I know that I can have lotion



want it…

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