Blue Skirt Productions Is Open for Submissions to Our Small Press!

Openpic3Blue Skirt has opened its press submission doors with plans to publish one exceptional new book each quarter!

The press was launched in September with the publication of Blood Gravity by Gayle Towell, followed by The Butch/Femme Photo Project by Wendi Kali, and the soon-to-be-released The Shepherd’s Journals by Drew Andrews.

What we’re looking for:

  • We are open to most forms, lengths, and genres including all types of fiction, memoir, art, and poetry, and will consider manuscripts from novella length to 100,000 words. (We’re willing to consider longer works, but don’t go crazy, and keep in mind we aren’t fans of bloated prose.)
  • Our primary criteria is that the work be entertaining, thought-provoking, original, and/or generally awesome in some way. Stories we’ve seen before and artistic prose where nothing happens is not for us. It should go without saying that the work should be clean and polished, but most of all we want it to give us “the feels”—that gut-satisfying sensation of having experienced something incredible, be it humorous, heartbreaking, or introspective.

What we offer:

  • We are just getting started, and we’re a very small press, but Blue Skirt publishers give each acquired manuscript our full attention and expertise when it comes to editing, book and cover design, distribution, and publicity.
  • Books will typically be released in both print and e-book format. (Art/Photography works will usually be print only.)
  • Books are distributed through a mainstream distribution company and will be available at most major online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and many more. We are also building relationships with independent brick and mortar stores to get books on the shelves where we can.
  • We work with our authors to arrange speaking/reading engagements and other publicity, including soliciting reviews, generating press releases, and organizing promotions.
  • Most of all, we strive to be true to the author’s artistic vision and create a product that gives each work the presentation it deserves.
  • While we do not offer advances, authors will receive a generous share of net profits.

How to submit:

If you have a manuscript you would like us to consider for publication, please send a query with the first five pages in the body of an email to In the subject line of your email, please write “Press Submission: (title of manuscript)”. Your query letter should tell us a little about you and include a brief synopsis of the work.

We look forward to the opportunity to consider your masterpieces!

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