Thoughts For Your Hole by Smith Q. Johns

photo (1)

Illustration by Maxine Danger

Camera Obsure-O

I was sitting outside in downtown Portland at the end of summer when this happened; soaking in the sunshine and eating an organic Fuji apple:

This very dirty, toothless, long haired man with a crazy look in his eye went up to a stranger (next to me at lunch) and took his picture. This very dirty man used a very new, expensive looking and very CLEAN camera to take his picture.

When confronted by the upset stranger, this very dirty man said that he could do whatever he wanted, took another picture of the stranger, and then said passionately to the stranger, “you’re going to jail.”

This very dirty man then walked away quickly but confidently and elated. The stranger next to me was very annoyed; as well he should be. I mean, who wants to go to jail?

You probably aren’t going to get Fuji apples there, much less organic ones. But what I’m really impressed with is the Portland Police Bureau. Great undercover work if you ask me.


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