Announcement: Blue Skirt Productions To Publish The Butch/Femme Photo Project Book

Caryn TraceBlue Skirt Productions is excited to announce our next publication: The Butch/Femme Photo Project, by photographer Wendi Kali.

The impetus of The Butch/Femme Project revealed itself many years ago, as Kali struggled with her own identity in her teens. She used books as her lifeline to others who were as confused as she was, but she had a hard time finding books that gave modern, personal perspectives of identity.


As an adult, Kali decided she wanted to make those perspectives available to anyone who might be struggling as she once was. She began networking and honing her craft, camera in hand, and soon was photographing people across North America. The photo shoots were set in places her subjects felt comfortable, surroundings that meant something to them. She didn’t pose the people she photographed; instead she wandered around them, having casual conversations with her subjects as they interacted with the environment. The result is a project full of works showcasing the personalities of dozens of individuals identifying as butch, femme, and a whole host of other labels. Kali also interviewed those she worked with, and included in the book are direct quotes from those pictured about their personal identity.

Blue Skirt Productions is proud to bring this project to fruition. Watch the site or our Facebook for updates!

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