Saturday Recipe Corner- Ramen Salad

photo 2 (1)Recipe by Brenda Maggio

Crowd sourcing is my friend. I rely on it for a lot of things. I like getting other people’s opinions, suggestions, and advice. So, I will often ask people for recipes for Saturdays here on Blue Skirt. When I asked my best friend for a favorite recipe, she immediately mentioned this one. She uses it for family gatherings, parties, etc., because it is fast and cheap to make, and yummy.

I have to admit I had my doubts when I saw the ingredients list, but one bite and I was sold. The recipe listed makes enough for a family gathering. This is a perfect summer recipe and is super easy to make!

One precaution: this recipe has a short shelf life, about three days in the fridge after the day of preparation. 


Ingredients:photo 3 (1)

 1 bag of coleslaw

2 packages of chicken ramen (the starving artist kind), broken up and uncooked

1 C sunflower seeds

¼ C vegetable Oil

1/3 C vinegar

½ C sugar

2 chicken seasoning packets from ramen packages


Mix the first three ingredients (Coleslaw, noodles, sunflower seeds) together in a large bowl, set aside.

Mix together the remaining ingredients (vegetable oil, vinegar, seasoning packets and sugar) and pour over the ingredients in the large bowl.

 Mix well and serve.



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