The art of KAZU


I was lucky enough to talk to Portland-by-way-of-Japan artist Kevin Evans. Looking at his body of work, I believe that you’ll be hearing a lot about this young artist in years to come.

SKL: Tell me about yourself.
KKE: I’m half Japanese, half American. I am 21 right now. I was born in United States in 1992, moved back to Japan in about a year and spent my life there until I was 15. Moved here for high school, graduated here, and now I’m a junior at Portland State University, majoring in Graphic Design.
SKL: I noticed that you sign your piece with KAZU, why is that?
KKE: My middle name is Kazuyuki and I use part of that for like a nickname for a lot of my social media.


LifeIsAMessLife is a Mess

 If you like this piece, you can wear it and support the artist! See this image at

Its too cold for angels to flyIt’s too cold For Angels to Fly

SKL: Why Portland State?
KKE:  University of Oregon did not have “Graphic design” major and PSU did. Plus I’ve always wanted to live in Portland. I looked into PNCA [Pacific Northwest College of the Arts], when I was choosing college, but I liked what I saw on PSUGD (Portland State University Graphic Design) website more. We have so many cool events and opportunities in our program.

WillWeEverSeeTheEndWill we ever see the end

SKL: Is your father from Oregon? I ask because it always interests me why people come here.
KKE: My dad is originally from California. He moved here with family long time ago. He spent like half of his life in Japan though. Over 25 years.

PortlandMercury Music Festival WeekPortland Mercury Music Festival Week

SKL: You had a cover on the Portland Mercury?
KKE: No (laughs). As another class assignment, I made a mock up cover for The Portland Mercury. It’s one of my favorite pieces.


Remembrance of News Past - Editorial IllustrationRemembrance of New Past – Editorial Illustration

SKL: Do you miss Japan?
KKE: I do sometimes, but I love both countries so, someday, I want to be able to come and go as often as possible. My dad is moving back to Japan this October for work, and my mom is over there so I miss my family.

Cities of the West Coast

Cities of the West Coast

SKL: You’re very young still. Where do you hope your art will take you in the future?
KKE: I was unsure about what I wanted to do with my art until I decided that I want to become a graphic designer.
SKL: So, are you thinking about advertising? Or starving artist?
KKE: (laughs) Graphic design can be fit into anything so I’m not sure really.

BreakingBad-Title Sequence

Breaking Bad – Title Sequence

SKL: I just binge-watched Breaking Bad so I really love your Walter White series.
KKE: The Breaking Bad one was for the Communication Design course at PSU. We were told to design a storyboard of opening title sequences for a movie or a tv show, and I picked Breaking Bad.
My idea was instead of showing his major changes from innocent Walter White to the violent drug dealer, I went backwards without spoiling anything. This project was about showing the movement and telling a story with just pictures.


SignatureFor more art by Kevin “KAZU” Evans, go to

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