Blood Gravity Cover Art and Release Date!

BGCOVERTFBlue Skirt Productions will be releasing our first publication in the form of the novella Blood Gravity, by Gayle Towell. The cover art has been finalized and the release date set! On September 15th this title will be available for purchase in both print and e-book format at all major online retailers and a few select brick-and-mortar stores.

Blood Gravity is a prequel to Gayle’s forthcoming Scars series. An excerpt from the second novel in that series recently won the 2014 Willamette Writers Kay Snow Fiction Award. The Scars series explores the lives of two brothers nearly a generation apart in age as they process the betrayal of their father and their own ideas of sex, relationships, and family. The first novel in the series begins with older brother Jake is thirty and younger brother Ben is fifteen. In the soon-to-be-released novella, we meet these characters at a much earlier point in their lives, ten years prior to the first novel:

With a mother buried in denial and a manipulative father who sexually abused him from age ten, college sophomore Jake Smith struggles in secret with anxiety and a self-injury addiction. When emotional fallout after a disastrous family camping trip leaves Jake unable to cope, fear that his five-year-old brother may one day suffer the same abuse is the only thing that can bring him back from the edge.


Featured in the novella are illustrations(like the one above) by artist Marylea M. Quintana Madiman above each chapter heading.

Gayle will be reading an excerpt at the September 20th “Addiction” show at Glyph café in Portland, OR featuring Jim Ruland, author of Forest of Fortune. We hope to have print copies of Blood Gravity in hand for sale at this event. An official release party is being planned. Stay tuned for details!


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