Our thanks to Mark Russell

On Saturday evening, Blue Skirt Productions had our first reading. The theme was Inappropriate, and we were all at our inappropriate best. But none was more completely over the top as much as our illustrious guest reader – Mark Russell.


Mark’s book “GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU” was the source of a Best Of CD collection brought to us from Solomon and the Psalms – an up and coming song writing team behind classics like “The Lord Is My Sheppard (I shall Not Want)” and “Satisfy Me (With Your Finest Wheat)”. Mark also brought us two (count’em two) letters from Peter to the people of Asia – seems they were having some issues with being fed to lions in the name of their religion (“…a pretty magical time to be a lion.”) and later issues regarding the timing of the return of Jesus (“Hopefully none of you made major purchases.”).

IMG_9826IMG_9824In all, my personal favorite part about Mark’s reading was the fact that Mark wore the (now) official Blue Skirt throughout. Thank you, Mark, for the reading and the support and, especially, for manning-up and wearing that skirt!


Sally K Lehman started out the night reading a short story about improper family behavior.


Jonathan Oak then read a few unseemly short pieces which led to a great deal of laughter.


The wonderful Adam Loewen, who acted as emcee, also played two (count’em) raunchy songs.


The lovely Gayle Towell read her award-winning short story Dirt. Look for our next reading where Gayle will be reading from the first book to be put out by Blue Skirt Press – Blood Gravity.


The also lovely Jessica Standifird finished up the Blue Skirt portion of the night with her performance of Don’t Laugh.


Lastly, Mark Russell read inappropriately from his very good book. And, as mentioned before, he wore the skirt.


Our thanks, again, to Mark Russell for being a good sport and for signing up for this brand new step that Blue Skirt Productions has taken. We hope you had as much fun as we did.



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