The Art of Alice by Chris Bonney

tangled_with_the_rabbit_by_chrisbonney-d4rcb6jTangle with the Rabbit

eat_me_drink_me_by_chrisbonney-d4rcbchEat Me Drink Me

Alice_2_by_chrisbonneyAlice 2

We__re_all_Mad_here_by_chrisbonneyWe Are All Mad Here

Alice_meets_the_Mad_Hatter_by_chrisbonneyAlice Meets the Mad Hatter

tea_party_by_chrisbonney-d3grd6jTea Party

the_friend_by_chrisbonney-d3grd8qThe Friend


my_heart_by_chrisbonneyMy Heart


About the Artist

Chris Bonney is an artist based out of San Diego, California, and out of the Deviant Art scene online. What he has to say about his art….

I started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a pencil. I’ve been doodling since I was small, thanks to many inspirations like Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

I love Alice in Wonderland. There are a couple reasons why but I can sum it up a few words – I love the idea of this girl losing the idea of reality and falling into the world of wonder and imagination. It’s a world I love to go to myself at times. It’s great for inspiration. I love the story and characters, always have.

See more of Chris’s art at

Featured Image: Back Together Again

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