Monday Afternoon Poetry


Parenthood Redux                by Francis X. LaChapelle

A blood hound
           of complaints              reassurance
                                           guilt              penitence
                                                                      and regret
       tracking                                            the scents
                    of evanescing
  unsure                                                  incomplete
          progeny              running
      blind                              and
                                                       desperate from rescue
                lost                                       and broken
                       through schools jobs lovers homes
 and then          god
                         slobbering                                      children.

Valentine’s Day                 by Ron. Lavalette
(KFL  2/14/27—1/24/01)

No one goes there now.
For days the smooth snow,
unbroken to the treeline,
lifted there by wind
along the ridge, settles
at last among the stones.
At night, stars, high,
hiss an inaudible static,
dance for the dead.

In the morning,
if there is sun,
it washes down
between the stones,
lights but does not warm.
Cold reigns,
and I stand in the drift,
nearly ash among the ashes.



About the Poets

Francis X. LaChapelle is from Oregon.  He received his MA from Stanford University as a National Science Graduate Research Fellow.  His poems have appeared in DMQ Revie

Ron. Lavalette lives in the very northeastern corner of Vermont.  He has been widely published and anthologized, both online and in print.  A reasonable sample of his published work can be found at EGGS OVER TOKYO (

Photos by slehman / Wardrobe by Michelle Lesniak

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