Two Poems by Jack Evans


BLIND AS SUMMER       by Jack Evans

The last storm moves in
From the east
A reminder of lost moments
When memory and springtime
Lived together in warm colors
I want to go to Paris
Live in the poverty of obsession
The sun is failing
Like a vision seen by an agnostic and
I think of that summer
We spent in the Hamptons
Both of us madly
In love but of course
Not with each other



(for Jia Oak Baker)

Rain and honor,
The betrayal of sighs.
All light must dissolve
To words spoken in
The confusion of time.
We weave our way
Through the hungry winters
Of our disparate lies.
There is mystery here
And a hand resting
On a rusted dream.
You turn away once
To watch a slight
Stirring of afterthought
Then turn back
To that hand
Now curved in
Song bird  beauty



About the Poet

Jack Evans has been active in the Phoenix poetry scene since the late 70s. He has been published in a number of poetry journals, has performed in venues from coast to coast and has been the director of seven different spoken word series over the years. He is currently the co-director of Caffeine Corridor a monthly event held in downtown Phoenix.


About the Photographer

Wendy J Riling was born in New England and started photography in high school after she saw a friend’s concert pictures of the Allman Brothers. She went on to become involved in the professional photo industry as a Master Printer, specializing in high end black and white prints, and then became a newspaper photographer for close to 25 years. She has a degree in Commercial Photography and was a Kodak Scholar in 1990. and on Facebook at


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