Saturday’s Recipe Corner with the Saucy Vixen

Dip for Artichoke

by Saucy Vixen Naomi Lynn

Saucy VixenThis is a recipe I fell in love with while visiting my aunt. She whipped it up to go with steamed artichoke for lunch, and I can honestly say that I’ve been doing it ever since. I don’t measure the amounts for this, I just toss it all into a bowl until the flavor is what I want it to be. It’s best when made at least a day ahead, since it gives the flavors time to mix and reach their peak.

  • Mayonnaise (or veganaise for a vegan version.) Use Miracle Whip at your own risk.
  • A single, glorious lemon
  • Copious amounts of garlic
  • A black pepper grinder

Using a cheese grater or a citrus zester (they’re super neat!), grate just the outer peel of the lemon. Avoid grating the foamy white bit, it’s bland and mostly just texture. Freeze the naked lemon and save it to throw at a potential burglar. You know, just in case.

If you’re using fresh garlic, peel and mince a nice fat pile. If you have pre-chopped garlic, go up a level.

Plop a big spoonful of mayonnaise into a resealable bowl-like container. It’s better to start with a little less since there’s a finite amount of lemon zest. Mix the lemon zest, mayo, and garlic together. Check the consistency, add more mayo if needed. Grind pepper to taste, stir, and let it chill in the fridge for a day.

I usually use this mostly as an artichoke dip, but it’s equally good on asparagus. It has fewer calories than most dressings and sauces, no preservatives, and only four ingredients. Easy peasy!


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