Saturday Morning Recipe Corner: Cake Waffles

by Gayle Towell

It’s a dessert! It’s a breakfast! It’s a grab-n-go snack!

Cake waffles are a lazy person’s food. They’re also great if you have children whom you like to feed inordinate amounts of sugar to in the morning so that they will love you.

Cake waffles are exactly what they sound like: waffles made from cake. Cake batter, that is.cw2

Just about any cake batter will do. Here I have chosen Betty Crocker yellow cake mix. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the box while preheating your waffle iron. Spray a little non-stick spray, scoop the cake batter onto the hot iron, and cook it just like you would standard waffles.cw3

Serving suggestions:

  • They make a great mess-free grab-n-go snack since you don’t need to add syrup to make it tasty.
  • Treat them like regular waffles, enjoying them at the breakfast table with butter and syrup and family as you pretend they are healthy because of their innocuous waffle shape.
  • Use them as a dessert—add strawberries and whipped cream for strawberry shortcake.
  • Make a giant stack of them layered with frosting, because why the hell not?


Benefits of cake waffles over regular waffles: they taste like cake instead of waffles

Benefits of cake waffles over cake: they look like waffles and take less time to prepare.

Best of both worlds! Why haven’t you been doing this sooner?

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