Blue Skirt Productions Is Open For Business!

What the heck is Blue Skirt Productions?

We are an artists’ collective providing various services as well as entertaining web content and local performances.


Oh, really? What sorts of services?


Writing and editing services, workshops, classes, and lessons on writing, performance, music, and more. See our “services” tab above for more information.


And what sort of entertaining web content?

Here at you will find regular posts about editing and writing craft, literature and music reviews, how-to art and music videos, recipes, Haiku, poetry, short fiction, and much more!


What are these local performances you speak of?

The Blue Skirt gang, along with guest artists, can be found all over the Portland area giving themed, hybrid reading/music/arting shows. Our first show series is titled “Inappropriate Behavior” and features readings and music associated with that theme, delivered in a lively, entertaining manner. See our events calendar for details.


Who are you people again?


We are writers, artists, and musicians who want to write/art/music all day. Click the “about” tab above to see our pedigrees.


Can I be a Blue Skirt, too?

If you are Portland local, or visiting the area, we would love to have you involved in one of our shows. Contact If you write/art/music elsewhere and would like to have your content featured on our site, click the “submissions” tab above for more details about what we’re looking for and how to submit.


How can I convince you to do a performance at my venue?

Contact, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll see what we can do.


Where can I send fan mail?

We recommend all fan mail be posted publically on your blog or website of choice, together with a link to our site. Contact for information about where to send monetary gifts, boxed chocolates and fruit baskets.


Anything else I should know about you people?

You should know about Blue Skirt Press! Blue Skirt runs its own micropress. Our debut title is a novella penned by our own Gayle Towell, due out in August. Following this will be The Dead Parents Anthology, edited by our very own Sally K Lehman. (click here to read the call for submissions). We are not presently open to general submissions, but stay tuned for news in the future.


What about merchandise? Like, if I wanted a bumper sticker or a fancy t-shirt?


Oh, baby. That’s on its way. You just wait!


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